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The Ramass’But:
compact jack and ball collector!
patent filed with the INPI No. 19 02994

A patented French invention.
Pick up any type of approved jack!


8kg grip for the ball collector.

German-made magnet


2 uses in 1 object


Easy to wear around the neck
or in a pocket

To order
the Ramass'But
instead of 15€
Ordering information

1) Order online by credit card

2) Postal shipping costs are indicated at the time of ordering.

3) Your order is shipped the next day by tracked letter, you will receive your invoice on your email

Shipping costs France: (tracked letter)
  • for 1 Ramass'But => 3.9€

  • from 2 to 4 Ramass'But => 5€

Shipping costs Europe: (colissimo international)
  • from 1 to 8 => 13.5€

  • contact me with the form

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Frequently Asked Questions :
how works the Ramass'But
  • Is the jack 100% made of wood?
    Yes, the device works with an all-wood jack. The Ramass'But collects any type of jack approved by the French Pétanque Federation. The jack is captured by the particular technical form of the Ramass'But. It serves as a patent filing at the INPI (National Institute of Intellectual Property). There is no trickery regarding the material of the jack.
  • Is the Ramass'But a purely French invention?
    Yes! The Ramass'But was imagined by Christian Procureur passionate and player of pétanque for 40 years.
  • Where is Ramass'But made?
    It is made in Saint-Cloud 100% locally. All parts are made in Europe (the magnet comes from Germany). Its creator manufactures and assembles each component of this accessory for pétanque players himself.
  • How can I store my Ramass'But easily?
    To simply fold your Ramass'But, you push the magnet to its maximum and wrap the colored cord around it.
  • I am a member of a pétanque club, can I personalize my Ramass'But?
    It is possible to order Ramass'But with the logo of a pétanque club on each object. Please specify your request using the contact form.
  • Can you send me a Ramassbut to a European country?
    Yes it is possible to ship to a European country, the rate of shipping costs by the French Post in international colissimo is €13.5 (maximum package weight 500 grams) It is therefore preferable to be able to order several at the same time to reduce shipping costs. You can contact me directly using the form below.
Contact me
If you have any questions:
Please use this contact form

Merci. Nous prendrons contact avec vous rapidement.

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